Our Firm

Financial Assets, Inc. is a fee only Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Georgia. The firm serves clients on a local, regional and national basis and is engaged in investment management and business appraisal services.

At Financial Assets, Inc. we believe that Strategic Planning should involve more than the latest topic in some magazine or media talk show! Our philosophy is simple: Professional financial advisory services should involve comprehensive and objective reviews of your current situation. Also, we typically work closely with your current legal and accounting/tax professional advisors.

For our individual clients, this includes an analysis of all goals, assets, insurance, employee benefits, income tax and estate considerations. Then we will design a personalized, Strategic Financial Plan to determine how all these factors interrelate and help ensure that you implement recommended strategies to achieve all of your financial objectives.

For our business clients, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of their business valuation needs whether it be for estate and gift taxes, buy/sell, ESOP, litigation or other strategic financial planning needs. By definition, a closely held or family business has no public market in which to determine the fair market value of its ownership interests. But inevitably the business owner will be compelled to support a transaction, or the owner`s business and personal financial needs will collide with governmental regulations, tax laws, or litigation requiring a fully supportable appraisal. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in providing independent and unbiased certified business appraisals.

But the process should not stop here, as it all too often does. As with your Business Plan, we believe that Strategic Financial Planning is a continuous process. Unless progress is monitored, even the best of intentions will likely fail. We have developed a method to help ensure success. Our system involves not only the initial Analysis, but includes monitoring portfolio performance, income and estate tax liabilities, cash flows, and comparing goals with respect to actual results. For our individual clients, this is provided at least annually in a written Financial Planning Review to update the original Analysis with frequent personal attention. For our business clients, our certified business appraisals can be updated periodically as required.

Before any Financial Plan or Business Appraisal assignment is begun, an estimate of all fees is presented in writing for the client`s approval. Fees for our Business Appraisal engagements are presented in a proposal letter, which details the purpose and scope of the assignment, methodology, fees and resources and timing to complete the case. The fees for our advisory services depend on the complexity of the client`s individual or business needs, and are based on the amount of professional time and other resources required. Fees for personal or business financial planning are quoted on either a flat rate, or at a basic $150 hourly rate.

Whether you are a business owner, a professional, or an individual at or near retirement, Strategic Financial Planning is a lifetime process that involves accumulating and preserving wealth, and the creation of financial security.